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32 Perfect Cheese Pairings To Enjoy With Every Football Team

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1. Arizona Cardinals

Logo Courtesy Of: Arizona Cardinals / NFL
Flickr: p-h-o-t-o-l-i-f-e / (CC BY-SA http://2.0)

CHEESE: Pecorino Romano

DESCRIPTION: If you're a fan of the Cardinals, this is the cheese for you. Pecorino Romano is an aged cheese with a young taste, which is fitting considering the youth movement Arizona has made to pair with their superstar veterans on both sides of the ball. Interestingly enough, this cheese was created for soldiers to eat before battle and will pair nicely with a team in one of the most competitive divisions in football.

TL;DR: Age is just a number.

2. Atlanta Falcons

Logo Courtesy Of: Atlanta Falcons / NFL

CHEESE: Camembert de Normandy

DESCRIPTION: Camembert is a rich and buttery cheese that has a lot to offer. The odor gives the appearance that this cheese is all about the aerial assault, but don't overlook the runny inside. Atlanta's ground game has a lot more to offer than people think, and this cheese will give you the best of both worlds.

TL;DR: A balanced attack.

3. Baltimore Ravens

Logo Courtesy Of: Baltimore Ravens / NFL

CHEESE: Boulette d'Avesnes

DESCRIPTION: This fresh soft cheese features a lot of the same characteristics as the new-look Ravens. It's has a versatile yet balanced flavor with a strong defensive odor. What's even more interesting is that Bouluette d'Avesnes is handcrafted, much like a Baltimore roster built mostly through the draft.

TL;DR: Homegrown and balanced attack.

4. Buffalo Bills

Logo Courtesy Of: Buffalo Bills / NFL

CHEESE: Manouri

DESCRIPTION: This Greek cheese is much saltier and creamer than feta. This is a good match for the Bills, poised to unleash a creamy young passing game to pair with their salty veteran front seven on defense.

TL;DR: Smooth and salty squad.

5. Carolina Panthers

Logo Courtesy Of: Carolina Panthers / NFL

CHEESE: Añejo Cheese

DESCRIPTION: There's almost nothing as refreshing as a cut of this skimmed goat milk cheese that packs a sharp taste. The Panthers are similarly expected to show off a new-look offense with an already dangerous defense from a year ago. Añejo cheese breaks in very smoothly, which is exactly what Carolina can expect with their young WR corp.

TL;DR: Añejo is refreshing and complicated.

6. Chicago Bears

Logo Courtesy Of: Chicago Bears / NFL

CHEESE: Tyrolean Grey Cheese

DESCRIPTION: The key word here is "power." The Bears boast a powerful offense and defense, which immediately puts them on watch to compete for a division title and serves as an excellent complement to this strong flavored cheese. The grey mold that grows on top of the Tyrolean cheese offers a warning to anyone expecting a bland product. Watch out, NFL.

TL;DR: This cheese will surprise a lot of people.

7. Cincinnati Bengals

Logo Courtesy Of: Cincinnati Bengals / NFL

CHEESE: Leipäjuusto

DESCRIPTION: The Bengals had a disappointing ending to an otherwise great season and are ready to come back and dominate the league. This cheese is an absolute dream matchup for Cincinnati fans as it is forged in fire. Leipäjuusto, like the Bengals defense, is rock hard and difficult to penetrate. When you try to bite into it, the cheese even "squeaks," which perfectly represents the brash nature of Cincinnati's confidence on the field.

TL;DR: Great cheeses are forged through fire.

8. Cleveland Browns

Logo Courtesy Of: Cleveland Browns / NFL
Flickr: jennerosity / (CC BY http://2.0)

CHEESE: Nacho Cheese

DESCRIPTION: People underestimate nacho cheese; they snub their noses at it and often don't consider it a serious threat. But you know what? Nacho cheese is the bomb. The Browns had a killer offseason and are ready to take the next step in another competitive division. Their young players and powerful defense love having such a delicious and salty chip on their shoulder, and this tasty cheese makes for a delicious surprise.

TL;DR: Don't underestimate this cheese.

9. Dallas Cowboys

Logo Courtesy Of: Dallas Cowboys / NFL

CHEESE: Kefalotyri

DESCRIPTION: On paper, this cheese looks pretty straightforward, but that's where you're wrong. Like the Cowboys, Kefalotyri is potent and can really spread it on. The sheep milk base gives you the option to eat it by itself, or you could grate it over a salad or some pasta.

TL;DR: This cheese has the potential to be "grate." (SEE WHAT WE DID THERE?)

10. Denver Broncos

Photo Courtesy Of: Denver Broncos / NFL

CHEESE: Chevre

DESCRIPTION: This cheese has a very powerful taste and can satisfy you in a lot of ways, but its odor creates an aerial assault unlike anything we've seen. Chevre has been around for a while and has an experienced and distinguished flavor — not to mention an advantage over other cheeses with its high-altitude goat milk base.

TL;DR: Air it out with Chevre.

11. Detroit Lions

Logo Courtesy Of: Detroit Lions / NFL

CHEESE: Brunost

DESCRIPTION: Everybody loves a sweet taste, which makes this cheese one of the more popular selections on the market. Like the Lions, this cheese has one of the most powerful smells in the industry, so people tend to think it's a one-trick pony. They couldn't be more wrong. With the wealth of iron, calcium, and vitamin B, Brunost is one of the most well-rounded cheeses you could find.

TL;DR: There's a lot more to this cheese than its powerful air attack.

12. Green Bay Packers

Logo Courtesy Of: Green Bay Packers / NFL

CHEESE: Norvegia

DESCRIPTION: Bet you thought we'd go with Wisconsin Cheddar, didn't you? Norvegia fits the personality of the Green Bay Packers perfectly. It's been around since the 1890s and has been one of the most successful and consistent cheeses on the market. Still, the recipe for its domination has remained a trade secret. Certainly a delicious and melty cow milk product that is fun to snack on.

TL;DR: This cheese isn't giving up the secret to its success.

13. Houston Texans

Logo Courtesy Of: Houston Texans / NFL

CHEESE: Sirene

DESCRIPTION: Houston Texans fans will appreciate a cheese that is a bit mysterious. Opposing teams don't really know how to defend the Texans because the franchise has successfully hidden their strategy. Sirene is a table cheese that has a lot of utility and provides a refreshing taste to calm you down after Houston successfully executes a 50-yard-stretch run play.

TL;DR: Sirene's flavor zone will pair nicely with the Texans' zone offense.

14. Indianapolis Colts

Logo Courtesy Of: Indianapolis Colts / NFL

CHEESE: Danish Blue

DESCRIPTION: Indianapolis fans will have a lot of excitement in their offense this year with a heathy WR corp, so the Danish Blue cheese is a great fit. It has a variety of aromas and flavors which allow them to dominate just about any bread/biscuit matchup. Don't underestimate the potential of this cheese at a party.

TL;DR: Explosive and versatile taste.

15. Jacksonville Jaguars

Logo Courtesy Of: Jacksonville Jaguars / NFL

CHEESE: Limburger

DESCRIPTION: The Jaguars have been steadily building a young and talented roster over the past several years and have finally reached the season where it all comes together. Limburger's infamous odor develops in a very short amount of time, which perfectly parallels Jacksonville's youthful aerial assault. The cheese may look soft on the outside, but it has a firm and rich interior.

TL;DR: Young cheese attacks through the air.

16. Kansas City Chiefs

Logo Courtesy Of: Kansas City Chiefs / NFL

CHEESE: Bergenost

DESCRIPTION: The Kansas City Chiefs have put together a talented roster of players through the draft, which works very well with this Norwegian-style butter-cheese — not just because of their smooth and somewhat runny nature, but because the Chiefs built a solid defense, and Bergenost cheese features a tart defensive accent from their lingonberries.

TL;DR: Defensive flavors featuring the berry from the build-it-yourself store: IKEA.

17. Miami Dolphins

Logo Courtesy Of: Miami Dolphins / NFL


DESCRIPTION: Tzfat cheese has a very unique production schedule that involves quick fermentation and extended draining of the whey, giving it a round shape and smooth texture. The Miami Dolphins can relate with an improved rushing attack and vertical threats all over the place; they're one of the most well-rounded teams in the NFL. The division is up for grabs, so Dolphins fans could use a cheese like Tzfat so jumping up with excitement won't be weighed down by high-fat content.

TL;DR: Low-fat cheese for a high ceiling.

18. Minnesota Vikings

Logo Courtesy Of: Minnesota Vikings / NFL

CHEESE: Strained Yogurt Cheese

DESCRIPTION: It will be important for Vikings fans to balance the sweetness of a great rushing strategy and the emergence of an electric young wide receiver with the sour taste of yogurt cheese. With a new play caller in town, expect Minnesota to attack using their strengths, something this cheese has no problem doing. With its powerful taste and rich texture, yogurt cheese is the ideal match.

TL;DR: Vikings fans don't have anything sour to enjoy.

19. New England Patriots

Logo Courtesy Of: New England Patriots / NFL

CHEESE: Humboldt Fog

DESCRIPTION: The New England Patriots share a lot of similarities to this unique cheese. They're both built from the inside out and get a lot of their strongest flavors from the cheese located directly under the center. Humboldt Fog tends to run on the outside much like the Patriots. Not to mention, since 1998, this cheese has won first place three times from the American Cheese Society.

TL;DR: Winning cheese is built inside out.

20. New Orleans Saints

Logo Courtesy Of: New Orleans Saints / NFL

CHEESE: Ardrahan

DESCRIPTION: This semi-soft Irish cheese has a particularly zesty tang to it, something that will work well with one of the most exhilarating passing attacks in the NFL. The Saints fly around to the football on offense and defense, while Ardrahan cheese has an earthy and buttery flavor that relentlessly dances around the various taste receptors on your tongue.

TL;DR: Exciting cheese for an exciting team.

21. New York Giants

Logo Courtesy Of: New York Giants / NFL


DESCRIPTION: Cheese fanatics will boast about herve's deep flavor, colorful aroma, and soft texture, but the real reason for its NYG pairing is that it's one of the most experienced cheeses on the market. The Giants roster is loaded with veterans, and their "been there, done that" mentality will pay off in spades. Herve was a Belgium favorite back in the 15th century and offers a pungent taste.

TL;DR: A wise man wouldn't bet against this experienced cheese.

22. New York Jets

Logo Courtesy Of: New York Jets / NFL

CHEESE: Ameribella

DESCRIPTION: This is one of the runniest cheeses on the market and is a match made in Jets football-cheese heaven (which we're hoping is a real place). It's no secret that the Jets love to run the ball. Heck, their quarterbacks get more yards on the ground than most running backs. Ameribella is a great cheese to enjoy on its own, but also has the flexibility to spread on crackers without breaking — perfect for how the Jets operate a spread-option offense.

TL;DR: Runny cheese for a running team.

23. Oakland Raiders

Logo Courtesy Of: Oakland Raiders / NFL

CHEESE: Cambozola

DESCRIPTION: The Oakland Raiders don't do a lot of razzle dazzle on the football field, they just line up and beat you one on one. Cambozola is build in a similar way; it features a strong blue cheese punch with a bloomy rind. As a West Coast team, Raiders are built for taking their show on the road, and this cheese is perfect for any dinner party you get invited to.

TL;DR: Smash-mouth cheese travels well.

24. Philadelphia Eagles

Logo Courtesy Of: Philadelphia Eagles / NFL

CHEESE: Sbrinz

DESCRIPTION: This hardened cheese takes a little over a year to develop into one of the most aggressive selections on the market. That's great for a team in the second year of a new offensive system that's ready to make a run at it (pun intended). A great Eagles roster deserves a grate cheese (pun still intended).

TL;DR: In year two, this cheese is practically unstoppable.

25. Pittsburgh Steelers

Logo Courtesy Of: Pittsburgh Steelers / NFL

CHEESE: Saint-Nectaire

DESCRIPTION: An organization known for its running game has suddenly found a balance with a potent aerial attack. Therefore, Steelers fans will appreciate this French cheese that showcases both earthy/ground flavors as well as potent odors that overwhelm the air around it.

TL;DR: Balanced Steelers will enjoy a balanced cheese.

26. San Diego Chargers

Logo Courtesy Of: San Diego Chargers / NFL

CHEESE: Dorset Blue Vinney

DESCRIPTIONS: The Chargers were the first organization to implement a vertical passing game, and the Dorset Blue Vinney was the first cheese to use cow's milk to produce blue cheese, which successfully attacks your nose through the air. The modern-day Chargers carry the same spirit from their past with a potent vertical offense that rivals some of the best in the league. Don't overlook the exciting texture of this cheese.

TL;DR: Strong cheese for a strong season.

27. San Francisco 49ers

Logo Courtesy Of: San Francisco 49ers / NFL

CHEESE: Cornish Yarg

DESCRIPTION: This exotic cheese is wrapped in nettle leaves for several weeks before being served, which can turn it creamy and soft or crumbly and dry. It offers the taster a genuine surprise, something defensive coordinators around the league have experienced every time they plan for the 49ers. Are they going to beat you with the run or the pass? Ugh. SO MANY OPTIONS.

TL;DR: This cheese is tough to plan for.

28. Seattle Seahawks

Logo Courtesy Of: Seattle Seahawks / NFL

CHEESE: Double Gloucester

DESCRIPTION: It's a hard, artisan type praised for its firm texture and brash taste, perfect for a competitive team that has become famous for strong defensive stands. The Seahawks are one of the youngest teams in the NFL, so they match up perfectly with a cheese that is typically only aged four months.

TL;DR: Basically, it's the 12th Man of cheeses.

29. St. Louis Rams

Logo Courtesy Of: St. Louis Rams / NFL


DESCRIPTION: The St. Louis Rams have undergone a lot of changes in the last couple of years, but the most important one has been on the defensive side. Thus, Rams fans will enjoy a cheese that serves up a heavy odor, which wards off just about everyone. With an improved running game, St. Louis expects to see a lot of defenders in the box. Fortunately, this cheese is born in a box before it's washed and sold.

TL;DR: Danbo takes on all challengers.

30. Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Logo Courtesy Of: Tampa Bay Buccaneers / NFL

CHEESE: Leyden

DESCRIPTION: The Buccaneers boast a very strong wide receiver core, which will pair extremely well with a cheese that's especially sharp on the outside. Like Tampa Bay, this cheese is produced in very high temperatures and is very explosive. Heck, it even features a dash of cumin! CUMIN, people.

TL;DR: Explosive and sharp on the outside.

31. Tennessee Titans

Logo Courtesy Of: Tennessee Titans / NFL

CHEESE: Chhurpi

DESCRIPTION: If you're looking for an underrated cheese with a lot of potential, look no further than Chhurpi. This cheese can be soft and hard and most people aren't exactly ready for the flavoring due to its Yak milk base. The Titans also have the ability to sneak up on people this year with their improved running game and young wide receivers. Game planning is going to be a nightmare.

TL;DR: Yak attack!

32. Washington Redskins

Photo Courtesy Of: Washington Redskins / NFL


DESCRIPTION: Much like the Redskins, this cheese has a surprisingly slippery texture. It's hard to contain this cheese in the bowl, which is perfect for a team whose quarterback is difficult to contain in the pocket. It's not a very "spread it on" type of cheese, but that's OK; it'll win a dinner party with its surprisingly runny texture.

TL;DR: Expect the unexpected with this cheese.

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