Retired Painting Contractor -- Now Writer, relationship counselor.
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  • Dirty Rat

    This is how the story went. I’m having dinner with the family as usual and longside that stupid dog (Brutus) - the kids come inside from playing always seem to rub me, when they pass by me every chance they get…for the life of me I still don’t get why you have to mess up my fur man. But, any how, I finished my tuna meal and watched mom & pops clean the dish’s while the kids got ready for bed. It’s 10:00 pm’ What! You think just because I’m a cat I can’t tell time? Whatever! Any way, everybody is a sleep… so, I did my normal rounds before I headed off to bed too. When I heard a sound in the kitchen… I said to myself, where in the hell is ‘Brutus’ (the dog) - there must be a burgular in the house. So, I went into the kitchen to see what was happening… that’s when I saw this big-ass-dirty-rat by the garbage can. I said Daaaaamn “Who Wants That Kind of Pressure”! So, I shot out of the kitchen looking for the big dog ‘Brutus’. I woke-up brutus and told him some one is the house man - I didn’t tell him it was a rat (that’s my department); But, this was a big-ass-rat! Brutus went in… all I heard was pots and pans being knocked around - I said to myself ‘Brutus’ is kicking that rat ass! But to my amazement?

  • Garfield Is Gay! Say What?

    I was at the catnip club lastnight chilling with my cats…drinking milk, etc… And the kitty cats were looking really hot too! My buddy ‘Buzzy’ was joking around talking about how he evaded two dogs and gave them the slip down an alley way - And out of the blue - Buzzt said “Have You Heard the News”? Garfield is gay? I said, You Lie! Huuuh Daaamn … There Goes the Cat Neighborhood.

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