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I’ve Got 99 Problems But My Beer Shouldn't Be One

Women have 99 problems in our heads... Beer shouldn't be one of them.... So why do beer companies keep getting it wrong!

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I’ve Got 99 Problems But My Beer Shouldn't Be One

For years, beer advertising tended to portrait women as sex symbols to attract their “precious male target”, or even worse, completely disregard our existence!

Actually I don’t know what is worse… probably just equally as bad.

And what about all those beer companies that desperately want our money, but seem to can't get it right…

1. Copenhagen Beer

Copenhagen figured the best way to attract women was to make their beer look like wine bottles….because apparently that is all we drink…

2. High Heel Brewer - Indian Pale Ale

How about that time High Heel Brewer reassured us we can drink their pink packaged IPA with a "smooth finish"...

3. High Heel Brewer - Elderflower & Chamomile

Or even worse, when they made a beer that wasn't just fruity BUT fruity AND flowery….YES you read it right!

ELDERFLOWER….AND…. CHAMOMILE…. Yeah.....the tea your grandma gave you when your stomach hurt…

4. Bud Light

And if we want to get deeper into the issue…. let's talk about that one time Bud light wanted to say they were against gender inequality.


In ancient civilization, women brewed for their families and sold of the excess to others nearby. Beer in Ancient Egypt was almost completely produced and sold by women, and when the U.S. was first colonized, women were the primary brewers, producing beer made from ingredients like corn, oats, wheat, and honey. Brewing didn’t become a male dominated industry until the industrial Revolution, when the potential business opportunities were realized.

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