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JIMY: Worlds First Healer Condom

Is called JIMY and it represents a completely new breaking-edge solution in the Condom’s Market. The traditional idea of condoms as a “contraceptive and protective device” against STDs (Sexually Transmitted Diseases) and as a tool used against unwanted births has changed and improved!

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JIMY goes beyond the latest Condom’s Industry research frontiers: thanks to it, nowadays, condoms can be thought also as a “curative sex tool”; indeed JIMY responds precisely and fully to another real and ever-present necessity: diminish and prevent the most common vaginal soft tissue infections and, even far more, offers health treatments that strengthen the whole immune system. This is the access key able to motivate the general public to use condoms more willingly! Jimy will also help to stop headaches thanks to the natural ingredients added to the lubrificant, which means: No more headache excuses for not having sex ;)

Mr. Andrea Colani and Mr. Paolo Rizzi are the two Italian self-employers (Andrea is an architect and Paolo a lawyer) who got the idea which has been patented.

Sex is better than a medicine and more enjoyable than any conventional therapy, but good sexual health is achieved not only through accurate information, correct decisions and regular medical checkups, but also by using the right tools, like our condom” said Andrea.

Compared with ordinary condom usage, this idea represents a completely new method of application on the vaginal (and anal) mucus and uterus. While it is true that JIMY employs the usual materials (e.g.: latex, polyurethane, polyisoprene) as well as new generation materials, what distinguishes JIMY™ Condom from all the others is its lubricant.

Since their invention the role of condoms has been underestimated, generally seen as devices diminishing sexual pleasure rather than as protection from diseases and infections. The addition of new excipients means our lubricant facilitates the body’s slow and constant absorption of the “natural substances” contained in it, which, just as the vaginal mucus also does, serves as a further aid in combating soft tissue diseases of the vaginal tract and the most common bacterial agents” reminded Paolo.

Of course, JIMY works also for anal soft tissue infections. The condom lubricant contains only natural ingredients (“drug free”) and it is able to:

prevent and treat, through its anti-inflammatory property, the most common diseases of the vaginal epithelium and mucus: fungal, bacterial and viral infections, dryness and burning;

reconstitute the tropism of the normal vaginal flora and mucus. The lubricant helps maintain the lining of the vagina healthy, thick, and elastic. Its antioxidant action against the free-radicals of the epithelium retards its natural deterioration;

increase and improve (curing and preventing) the body’s local immune defenses by acting as an effective “physical barrier” to the bacterial agents that cause flu symptoms, fever or headaches thanks to its antibacterial action.

JIMY is a revolutionary contraceptive sex tool with no side effects or health risks.

JIMY not only aids in curing and treating women with vaginal dryness and other fastidious soft tissue infections of the genital tract but also helps in boosting a weakened immune system. Headaches are no longer an excuse to not have sex!

On May JIMY will run its crowdfunding campaign on INDIEGOGO. Stay tuned and check its web-site or FB. The Team of JIMY – The Healer Condom will keep you updated about the opening!

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