12 Things Women Should Never Apologize For

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“Girls can’t be funny,” huh? WRONG.

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It’s totally your decision, and nobody should make you feel bad about it.

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You know when you get worked up and people tell you to calm down? Don’t listen to them! It’s OK to be passionate — don’t let anyone dictate your emotions.

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Work your butt off and live by your own standards, not others’.

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Some people may stick their nose up at maternity leave or say that moms have it “easy.” We know they’re wrong.

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You should never feel guilty for being successful.

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It can be tough sometimes, but there’s nothing wrong with sticking to your guns.

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Otherwise, how will anybody know what you want?

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Some people will make you feel like a bad person for breaking up with someone, but just know that you’re doing the right thing. You do you.

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Oh, it’s not “cool” to be a girl who likes a salad? Oh, a pastrami on rye is a guy’s sandwich? Well, too bad. You do you, girl!

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When someone calls you “bossy” for being confident, just play it off and keep on keepin’ on.

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You should never feel guilty for the way you dress, and nobody should treat you poorly because of it.

There are just some things women should never have to justify.

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