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    10 Unusual Ways To Get A Better Night's Sleep

    Having trouble getting a good night's sleep? Here, Richard Wiseman reveals 10 unusual ways you can improve your night's sleep. Richard Wiseman is the author of Night School - a scientific look at what happens while we sleep.

    1. Switch off and power down


    Cut out late night scrolling.

    2. Give your brain a workout


    It's not just sheep you should be counting...

    3. Keep your feet warm


    Warm feet, better sleep!

    4. Stay awake


    You'll be out like a light before you know it.

    5. Grab a... banana?


    Get peeling!

    6. Puzzle time


    Works amazingly well.

    7. Change your bed's position


    Sort out your room's feng shui.

    8. Make a list


    Get your tasks off your mind and onto paper.

    9. Train your brain


    Lullabies for grown-ups.

    10. Resist the urge to have a glass of wine


    Feel fresher in the mornings.

    11. All of the above

    Try these tips tonight and let us know what works for you!

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