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10 Things Theatre Majors Are Sick Of Hearing.

Theater majors take of a lot of heat, hear are some of the common things we all will hear at some point during our studies.

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1. You know you won't get a job right?


2. It's such a waste of a major!

3. Why don't you just make theatre a hobby?

Wood whittling is a hobby, theatre is a way of life..k?

4. So you just sing and dance all day?

Um no, we perform! 5678

5. So what is your backup plan?

Oh you mean if I do not become a broadway star? I'll start auditing for movies...

6. Look at the big picture, and pick a sensible career!

7. How do you memorize all those lines? It seems sooo hard.

Oh its a skill I have acquired ..

8. Oh you're a theatre major? Do a accent for me! SING FOR ME!

You silly people can not demand a performance...

9. Oh you don't want to famous, Im sure it sucks.

This comment is the worst, like do not lie to me. Everyone dreams of walking a red carpet at some point in their lives.

10. But won't you get tired of it eventually?

Nope, never. Its the only thing we love to do, and nothing will ever put a end to our art. (except maybe communism…)

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