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We Want To Know Your Panera Menu Hacks

Calling all Panera PhD holders.

If you've ever been to Panera, you know exactly what is up.

You know just how comforting a warm cup of broccoli cheddar soup is after a long day.

And if you love Panera, that probably means you’ve developed your own favorite menu hacks to perfect your order.

Maybe you're a mad scientist who has found the key to happiness is adding mac & cheese to your sandwich.

Or are you a taste bud troubadour who knows the best way to enjoy a breakfast sandwich is on a bagel? (Bonus points if you wild out with Cinnamon Crunch.)

Could it be that you believe the secret to the perfect bread bowl is a hefty serving of mac?

Or maybe you're a savant of sweets who cracked the code for hot chocolate by asking for chocolate chip marshmallows.

Whatever your go-to menu hack is at Panera, we want to know! Drop your hack and a photo if ya got it in the comments below! We'll select the best responses to include in a BuzzFeed post sponsored by Panera.

(Remember: Anything you send is covered by the regular BuzzFeed User Terms.)

And to make things even better, Panera will also share the most secret of secret menu hacks so we can all graduate with a PhD in Panera!