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12 Foolproof Tips For The Perfect Picnic

These picnics will never let you down.

1. Use egg cartons to carry foods that are easily bruised.

Bryan Ochalla / CC BY-SA http://2.0 / Via Flickr: bochalla

Perfect for mini cupcakes and chocolate-covered strawberries.

2. Slide a shower curtain liner under your blanket to keep it from getting wet or dirty from the grass.

3. Stick your beverages in your shoes to keep them upright.


4. Bricks are the perfect platform for wine glasses.

5. Bring an umbrella.


In case it rains or the sun is too intense. You can also open it, hang it from a tree branch, and store extra supplies in it!

6. Make whipped cream in a mason jar!


Pour in heavy cream and shake! Easiest and most convenient whipped cream ever.

7. Include avocado pits in your guac.


It'll keep the avocado green and fresh longer!

8. Bring spices in individual straws.

9. Bring a lighter.

tehusagent / CC BY-ND http://2.0 / Via Flickr: usagent

Surprisingly useful in a number of situations, like opening dead knots around pastry boxes, or lighting votive candles once it gets dark. Plus, you can use them to seal the ends of your spice straws back up.

10. Baby wipes and detergent pens will save your life.


At least one person will thank you tremendously.

11. Amplify your picnic tunes with disposable cups.

12. Peppermint will help keep bugs away.


It's a natural repellent for biting bugs! Looks lovely as a decoration AND tastes awesome in desserts and drinks.

And last but not least... bring food that's easy to eat, like a flatbread sandwich! Panera's got you covered.