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12 Foolproof Tips For The Perfect Picnic

These picnics will never let you down.

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4. Bricks are the perfect platform for wine glasses.


Plus, you can use them to weigh down your blankets so the wind doesn't blow them up.

8. Bring spices in individual straws.

They're space-efficient and cute. You can simply fill drinking straws with spices and seal the ends with tape or a lighter.

9. Bring a lighter.

tehusagent / CC BY-ND http://2.0 / Via Flickr: usagent

Surprisingly useful in a number of situations, like opening dead knots around pastry boxes, or lighting votive candles once it gets dark. Plus, you can use them to seal the ends of your spice straws back up.

11. Amplify your picnic tunes with disposable cups.

You can also simply stick your phone upright in a plastic cup.