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14 DOs And DON'Ts Of Eating Lunch At Work

It's a delicate art.

1. DO: invite your co-workers to eat with you.

2. DON'T: challenge them to an eating competition.

3. DO: eat food that brings your colleagues an inviting and wonderful aroma.

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4. DON'T: be the one to heat up fish curry in the microwave.

5. DO: chew with your mouth closed.

6. DON'T: chew so loudly that half of the office can hear you munching.

7. DO: have fun and enjoy your meal.

8. DON'T: have fun by playing with your food.

9. DO: offer to share.

10. DON'T: attempt to spoon-feed your co-workers.

11. DO: avoid eating like a slob.

12. DON'T: get TOO fancy.

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13. DO: clean up after yourself.

14. DON'T: wreak havoc on communal appliances.

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DO: bring food that's delicious and easy to eat... like Panera's Flatbreads.