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16 Animals Who Want You To Wake Up Already

Pets aren't always good at waking us up on time, but bless their little hearts for trying. Here are some of the adorable ways our furried friends attempt to get us out of bed. It’s doubtful any of these guys will succeed, but we’re pretty sure one of the many baked goods or breakfast sandwiches at Panera Bread will do the trick.

1. This kitten thinks your face looks like the most comfortable spot in the house:

2. This bunny is trying to understand why you need to hit the snooze button 12 times:

3. This kitten thinks it'd be so much easier if humans slept on the floor, like everyone else:

4. This cat thinks that if he practices the piano for you, you'll get up and thank him (even though you will not):

5. This pup just realized that roosters don't get enough credit:

6. This cat isn't trying to tell you that this box is in his way:

7. This hamster hopes some love and affection might wake you from your slumber:

8. All this puppy wants to do is make sure you know it's a weekday and you actually have to get up, but you're making it really hard:

9. This parrot built himself some rollerblades in hopes that you'll be awake by the time rollerblades are cool again:

10. This cat isn't afraid of getting his hands dirty:

11. All this turtle wants you to do is get out of bed and make him an internet celebrity:

12. This bunny knows just where your sweet spot is:

13. This puppy wants you to wake up and realize how good his imitation of you is:

14. This fella has exhausted all his options and has no idea what to do at this point:

15. This puppy doesn't think you'll like what happens when he gets angry:

16. And these guys just want you to rise from your slumber and catch all their smooth improvisations: