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5 Things Pandas Hate

I've told you about all the things pandas love but do you know what pandas hate? Probably not.

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  • 1. Life Bloggers

    I once asked a panda why they hate life bloggers so much and this was their response: "I just don't care that much about anyone to want to know every single detail about their day. Lifebloggers should liveblog while jumping off a tall bridge."

  • 2. Airplanes

    You can't travel to another planet on an airplane so why bother?

  • 3. Hotmail

    Pandas can't stand hotmail, really that hate communicating via email in general and prefer to send telepathic messages to eachother. But if they had to pick an email provider it would be Gmail.

  • 4. Jay Leno

    He's just not that funny.

  • 5. Nickelback

    The only thing worse than Nickelback may be their fans. Mostly because they are a bunch of suckers and will probably buy anything.

  • 6. Top 5 Lists

    This is now a top 6 list as to avoid the wrath of any pandas that may read it.