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5 People Who Hate Pandas AND Cupcakes

Seriously, what kind of person can hate a panda? Probably the kind of person that hates cupcakes.

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  • 1. Justin Bieber

    Justin Bieber is hell bent on seeing the destruction of all pandas, he fears they divert the attention of teenage girls away from him. In order for his career to succeed all the pandas must die. Cupcakes too, he can't stand them and refers to them as "shit cups".

  • 2. George W. Bush

    It is a well known fact that George bush hates cupcakes, and prefers the taste of fresh baked muffins. His love of muffins even earned him the nick name "Muffin Man", a name his closest friends have called him since his days at Yale. George W does love pandas though... well he loves to eat them.

  • 3. Lindsay Lohan

    Rumour has it she tried to date a panda once and he shot her down. That was the beginning of her downward spiral. The reason for her hatred of cupcakes is unknown.

  • 4. The Situation

    The Situation once punched a cupcake in the mouth after it was trash talking his mother. He had a similar run in with a panda but that fight nearly cost him his life. He was hospitalized with third degree burns from the Panda's laser vision.

  • 5. Kate Gosselin

    This shouldn't be a big surprise. Kate was once attacked by an army of cupcakes. Also she hates everything.