19 Ways To Smile Like A Happy, Happy Baby

So much joy in such a little package. Smiles are guaranteed after seeing these happy faces. Click here to see how Pampers celebrates all the ways babies Love, Sleep & Play.

1. Put on a grin above your chin:

Melissa Hughes / Via Flickr: melissahughes1968

2. Take a cheerful chase:

Javier Delgado Esteban / Getty Images

3. Go upside down and turn that frown around:

Crezalyn Nerona Uratsuji / Getty Images

5. Get playful with some pages:

Chad K / Via Flickr: chad_k

6. Go for a silly splash:

Heather Harvey / Via Flickr: smilygrl

7. Hear a joyful joke:

Ren Kuo / Via Flickr: flyone1106

8. Give yourself a merry mohawk:

Francesca Russell / Getty Images

9. Giggle like a goofball:

Nathan Walker / Via Flickr: nateandmiranda

10. Sing to the sky:

Subir Basak / Getty Images

11. Let the light make your smile bright:

Tim & Selena Middleton / Via Flickr: tim_and_selena

12. Crack up with some cards:

li yong / Via Flickr: cnlyong

13. Get face-to-face with some funnies:

banspy / Via Flickr: banspy

14. Have some ha-has with your papa:

Robert & Pam / Via Flickr: counselman

15. Show your delight before night:

Pampers / Buzzfeed

16. Let your heart skip on a ship:

Nikolaos Machairas / Getty Images

17. Though you may be the only one who thinks it's fun:

Abigail Batchelder / Via Flickr: abbybatchelder

18. Just laugh until it's off the graph:

mynameisharsha / Via Flickr: mynameisharsha

19. Because a little smile can go for a long while.

Inspired by the miles of smiles when babies Love, Sleep & Play:

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