18 Ways That Babies Make Every Day Unique

Surprises everywhere! These tiny humans all experience Love, Sleep, & Play in their own unique way. Share a favorite Love, Sleep, Play moment of your little one, and learn how Pampers helps every baby get the most out of all three.

1. They wake up with so much love to give:

cabinpuss / Via instagram.com

2. Flying around like an airplane is one of their most favorite ways to play:

hgermer / Via instagram.com

3. They love laughing with their siblings:

L. Plougmann / Via Flickr: criminalintent

4. They’re absolutely the best at receiving kisses:

catalinabeleeeen / Via instagram.com

5. And cuddling next to their favorite stuffed animals for a good sleep:

Xbeckie boox / Via Flickr: 50066720@N03

6. But they’re up again… ready for more fun things:

mrsskjei / Via instagram.com

7. Like playing pretend as an elephant:

NataPics / Via Flickr: natapics

8. Listening to some cool jamz:

TedsBlog / Via Flickr: tedsblog

9. Or showing a grown-up how good they are at tackling:

L. Plougmann / Via Flickr: criminalintent

10. And we can’t forget about nibbling on snacks! That’s also a favorite thing:

shae_b / Via instagram.com

11. But sometimes they just want to go outside where they can find clouds shaped like animals:

C. Morrall / Via Flickr: charlottemorrall

12. It’s also where they can see AWESOME DUCKS:

dadblunders / Via Flickr: 17176594@N06

13. More than anyone on the planet, babies have a unique love for ball pits:

Jason Lander / Via Flickr: eyeliam

14. They’re also really good at taking selfies:

brittanie_danae / Via instagram.com

15. Giggling for no reason:

R. Freiberger / Via Flickr: robscomputer

16. And playing with their bubble beards:

D. Sharon Pruitt / Via Flickr: pinksherbet

17. When they start to sleep, it’s SO CUTE:

LizaWasHere / Via Flickr: noahfans

18. And after finally going to bed, it’s like everything in the world is at peace:

nicola520 / Via instagram.com

Inspired by the millions of unique ways that babies Love, Sleep, & Play:

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