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12 Things You Wish You Loved Half As Much As Babies Do

Ah, to be young. Babies have a lot of love to spread around, and they find enjoyment in the simple things. We could stand to take a page out of their book. Click here to see how Pampers celebrates all the ways babies Love, Sleep & Play.

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1. Cardboard Boxes

Chloe / Via Flickr: chloe04

You know the drill. You buy your baby a nice new toy, and they spend the afternoon completely fascinated and delighted with the box it came in. So simple! What ever makes you happy, little one.

2. Paper Products

Kevin Kivi

Sure, the purpose of a paper product is to clean messes. But what happens when the paper products are part of the mess?? Your mind is blown, and your baby is extremely happy.

3. Waking up at 5am

Flickr: caitlinator

Nowadays, when we have to wake up extra early, we grumble through it. Not babies! They wake up excited and ready to start the day. They don't care what hour it is! They're done sleeping - time to play!

4. Bubbles


Think about it. Bubbles are pretty neat. To babies, they are the source of endless fascination. Bath time with the little one is always something to look forward to when you've got such a curious baby to hang out with.

5. Pots and Pans

Jenna Knoll

Sometimes, at the end of a long day, the last thing you want to see is a frying pan. You're too tired to cook, and take-out seems like a pretty solid option at this point. But then you see this scene on your kitchen floor, and you suddenly want to make her a million pancakes.

6. The tutu she insists on wearing for a full week

Kathy Hoos / Via Flickr: khoos

She's in love with it. She feels like a real ballerina. She dances up and down the hallways, and you can't help but smile and encourage her. Until it's time to wash it, of course.

8. Not really knowing what the internet is

Deanna Buggy

Imagine a day where you felt no need to check your email, or to keep up with your various social media presences. Does the thought seem ridiculous? Kind of, yeah. You've gotta admire your baby for being completely content sans Facebook. They're just livin' life, and lovin' it.

Let's all vow to be as awesome as babies are.

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