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15 Reasons Why Love From Babies Is The Best Kind Of Love

Babies are good at a lot of things. Loving is one of them. An important one. Click here to see how Pampers celebrates all the ways babies Love, Sleep & Play.

1. They can say so much with just a simple finger squeeze.

Thomas / Via Flickr: _-o-_

2. They're extremely thoughtful. They can melt your heart with the simplest gift.

3. They never get tired of hugs, and neither do you.

Oleg Sidorenko / Via Flickr: oksidor

4. Their imaginations are limitless. Admit it! It rubs off on you.

miguelphotobooth / Via Flickr: miguelphotobooth

5. Everything is funny to them. And in turn, you realize just how funny the simplest things can be.

6. They see the best in everyone. To hang out with a baby is to hang out in a no-judgement zone.

Kelly Sue DeConnick / Via Flickr: 44124395312@N01

7. They're great listeners. Sure, they might not understand everything you're saying, but you've always got their complete attention.

Bradley Gordon / Via Flickr: icanchangethisright

8. To them, everything you do is incredible. And vice versa.

9. The best part of their day is the moment you get home.

10. They'll always make you laugh, even if they don't mean to.

Kevin Lawver / Via Flickr: kplawver

11. They're constantly learning, and it's an amazing thing to watch.

12. They are experts at giving and receiving kisses.

Kevin Galens / Via Flickr: kevygee

13. They trust you, and they're completely open to adventure. Bring it on!

14. That laugh is the most amazing sound. Hands down.

15. Did we mention the hug thing? We did? Oh well. We'll say it again. Baby hugs are the best kind of hugs.

Benjamin Thompson / Via Flickr: beija

Whether it's sleeping, playing, or loving - babies have got it all figured out.

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