15 Adorably Unique Baby Dance Moves

How does the saying go, again? Ah yes - “You’re never too young to bust a move.” Check out these unique babies and their creative playtime moves - and be sure to tell Pampers about your kid’s Love, Sleep & Play moment.

1. Let’s kick it off with a little finger-pointing and toe-tappin’.

2. Play play play play play - oop. Tired.

3. This little guy can’t sleep unless he does some shadow ballroom dancing.

So fancy!

4. Is this dancing? Or a core workout? Either way, she’s having the time of her life.

5. To the audience, he looks like the world’s youngest concert-crasher. To him, he’s just playing with his dad.

Sweet kicks, kid.

6. After all this play, this child is definitely going to sleep well tonight.

7. Diaper is changed. Dancetime is now.

8. This is unique. Truly unique. You go, girl.


9. When it comes to playing, twins are always on the same page.

11. This one has just figured out how to raise the roof.

And is doing so magnificently.

12. When it comes to dancing, the best teachers are your play pals.

Teach him your secrets, girl!

13. She manages to dance and play, even when she’s physically restrained. Impressive.

Ain’t no one worked a car seat like this before.

14. Babies make the best break dancers. Fact.

Get on board, or get off the train.

15. Take a bow, kid. You earned it.

But there’s plenty more play time to be had! Go forth and play!

All of these dancing fiends deserve a good helping of Love, Sleep & Play. Enter Pampers.

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