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19 Adorably Unique Baby Costumes

There's never a bad time for playing dress up. Let all this adorableness inspire you, and share your baby's unique Love, Sleep, & Play moment with Pampers.

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1. This precious sushi baby who is too cute to eat:

TheWishingElephant / Via

2. This dragon baby who flew down from a castle for playtime:

AleksandraNagrant / Via

3. This superbaby who can do anything (as long as there's no kryptonite):

Nick Nguyen / Via Flickr: nicktakespics

4. This itsy bitsy spider who got tired from crawling up the water spout:

NataPics / Via Flickr: natapics

5. This baby who found the most groovy hat and just wants to play:

Jason O'Halloran / Via Flickr: jasonohalloran

6. This chic geek:

jobiquinn / Via

7. This baby who appreciates the humor of a silly toot:

corinnasule / Via

8. This little lucky charm:

9. This bundle of joy who is very ready to play:

EgoAnt / Via Flickr: egoant

10. This tiny tiger who loves to roar:

valentinapowers / Via Flickr: valentinap

11. This Dalmatian-loving sweetheart:

bobbiekeith / Via

12. This sweet treat that goes well with toast:

TheCostumeCafe / Via

13. This unlikely friendship between a monkey and a pirate:

juhansonin / Via Flickr: juhansonin

14. This precious pea who is a wee bit cranky:

Kelly Sue / Via Flickr: kellysue

15. This berry sweet little strawberry:

whitneyshaleen / Via

16. This owl who is the best at playing a colorful owl:

patocrissien / Via

17. This penguin baby who just wants to chill:

andrewmalone / Via Flickr: andrewmalone

18. This cute cow who just wants you to moooooove so she can play outside:

cinhun_21 / Via

19. This fast lightning guy who stopped long enough for a photo:

midiman / Via Flickr: midiman

Inspired by the millions of unique ways that babies Love, Sleep, & Play:

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