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    27 Signs You Were Born To Be Behind The Camera

    If you wake up at 4:30am just to get that sunrise shot, yeah you're a photographer.

    1. You double as a dare devil to get the perfect shot

    Kawika Singson

    Walk in flames, hanging off ladders, climbing fences...

    2. When reading magazines, you study the catch lights to figure out how a photo was lit

    Martin Schoeller / Via

    (the catchlight is a light source that causes a specular highlight in a subject's eye in a photo)

    3. You think about how much photography gear you can stuff in before you can buy a handbag

    4. Your camera is an extension of your arms

    Inked. Explored! by Klem Photo / Via Flickr: klemstyle

    5. You spend all your hard earned money on more camera gear and you have no damned money left

    Nickelodeon / Via

    6. You have to clear out your closet, book cases, and shelves for your growing collection of cameras and photography gear


    7. You always have a supply of gaffer tape on hand.

    8. You have 40,000 photos of everyone else and almost none of yourself.

    Pamela Lin

    9. Your cloud porn library is bigger than your porn collection

    Lariontsev / Via

    10. You are a data hoarder - you have back ups for your back ups.

    11. You have a photo app for every situation

    ...also an app hoarder

    12. This is what your standard day pack looks like

    13. Your carry-on is heavier than your checked bags and traveling with 4 bags is "light"

    Think Tank Photo / Via

    14. You often "show how it's done" and model for your subjects

    Conan Thai
    Ashley + David Photography

    15. You are not afraid to do an awkward pose in public to get the best shot.

    Conan Thai

    16. You are willing to endure the cold for that perfect shot

    And not just the cold, but late cold nights in the dark

    Indigo Skies Photography / Via Flickr: indigoskies

    Patience is the key to that great night photo - 30 second exposures amiright??

    17. Even if you feel like this in the morning, you will get up at the crack of dawn to get the morning light

    Dallas Nagata White

    18. .. And then you spend more sunsets with your camera than your significant other.

    Pamela Lin

    19. You spend more time taking photos of your food than eating it

    20. This is how your friends react everytime you make them stop to take a photo

    Universal Pictures
    ABC Family/Pretty Little Liars

    On a roadtrip, walk in the park, museum, dinner down town, camping, wedding, the list goes on and on...

    21. ...But you don't care and continue to get your shot even if they keep walking

    Disney / Via

    22. You have hundreds of candid photos of your friends looking into the distance

    23. You are always looking at reflective surfaces for creatives images

    24. You've looked in the rearview mirror and thought, WOW, that would be a great shot!

    Pamela Lin / Via Flickr: ckgurl

    25. You take pictures of day to day items and turn them into poetic subjects

    26. No matter what, you're able to find beauty within your viewfinder

    Pamela Lin / Via Flickr: ckgurl

    27. And you know in your heart you were born to be behind the camera.

    Olly Coffey / Via Flickr: ollycoffey