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14 Things You Always Do On A Perfect Girls' Night In

Because going out is overrated.

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1. Settle in for the night with your girls by making yourself comfortable.

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If it doesn't have an elasticated waist, you don't want it.

2. Order and then stuff your face with pizza. A lot of pizza.


3. Once you've had your fill, put on some top 40 and get to booty poppin'.

Your butt's not gonna shake itself.

4. Then you should refuel to sustain yourself for the rest of the night.

Whatever greasy food that's lying around the house should work perfectly.

5. Literally, you need to fuel the eff up...

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6. turn the eff up.

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7. Then someone always has to bash their ex...

8. ...and, of course, everyone joins in because your girls got your back.

9. Then you celebrate your triumph over stupid exes by making more food...

Who needs feelings when you have food?

10. ...and enjoying the fruits of your oven...

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11. ...while confessing some secrets.

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Or, at least, things you thought were secrets.

12. One girl always becomes the subject of a hair makeover.

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13. Then you turn down for a movie with tons of girl power.

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14. Finally, you fall asleep happy and flawless with your real soulmates: your girls and a tub of ice cream.

Of course, the best way to ensure a great girls' night in is plenty of Palm Breeze, a new sparkling spritz that's light and refreshing.

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We know everyone has a different ideal for a get-together — so share your favorite ideas for a perfect girls' night in the comments!