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    The Paleo Recipe Book Review

    James Thomas reviews "The Paleo Recipe Book" to see what all the hype is about.

    A Review of "Paleolithic" Proportions for My Mom

    So my mother has been trying to lose weight forever and my brothers and I are always bombarded with the latest diet crazes and bless her soul she gets so excited about each and every one, even the ones that don't seem to work for her. Well last month she called me and started telling me about this "Paleo Diet" that she was researching and thought it looked like a winner. I of course I agreed as much as I could in order to shorten the conversation and get back to busy schedule of doing nothing…sorry mom.

    Anyway she hasn't stopped talking about it since and I figured, I love reviewing new ideas and such that maybe I would give this Paleo thing a look and see what all the hype was about. So I hit Google and started looking for something I could easily digest and review quickly for the masses and of course my dear mom. I found the "Paleo Recipe Book" and figured this would be a great entry point to start looking at this diet plan and instead of reviewing the plan itself I would start by assessing the ways in which it expects you to eat. So let's dive in and see what the hype is all about.

    Now I'm not going to discuss the diet plan itself here and if you aren't familiar with the diet there are more than enough resources online to help you get started, maybe try Wikipedia or something to get going, but I digress. OK so the Paleo Recipe book written by Sebastian Noel is touted as one of best on the market and in my short time researching the players in this space this item seems to have some real legs and has a ton of supporters out there, but lets look at what's inside to really judge for ourselves.

    When I was a teenager my grandfather once told me "James, you can always count on the laziness of people." And that applies to most things that become a hit among the masses. The idea being if you make things easier (lazier) for people they will buy what your selling in spades. This is specifically relevant in the dieting market as most of us, myself included would prefer to have everything laid out for us step by step by a professional who is an authority or expert in their field versus actually searching for methods and directions to accomplish our goal. Plus randomly searching the web for guidance can lead to some pretty deep rabbit holes that most of us wouldn't know how to get out of.

    So back to the book, basically in an instant we are sent back in time to live through the stomach of a Paleolithic person eating all natural ingredients. Now I have to say I have always been one that believed that the answer to losing weight was really about changing your habits and introducing smarter choices into your eating life such as choosing Subway over McDonald's etc. and for me whenever I want to lose some weight I eat a bit better, walk every day and pay more attention to my food choices. Now why I bring up my incredibly astute opinion on dieting is that this Paleo thing actually falls in line with my previous statements which of course makes it a winner in my book.

    Purchase the "Paleo Recipe Book" at a discount here

    At first glance this recipe book seems easy to follow which is super important considering our societal attention span problems that exist today, and I feel if something is going to be adopted into our lives as a habit it needs to have simplistic point of entry as for most of us change is an incredibly hard thing to accomplish. So, it's easy to read through and I like that it sticks to the theme of easy to follow recipes confirming my Grandfathers position on the laziness of the human race. Another plus is the book is filled with lots of pretty pictures that evokes an emotion from the reader and that's important because if you can visualize what you are being asked to prepare and can mentally picture yourself enjoying the dish you will be more motivated and ultimately want to get up and cook the damn meal.

    The next noticeable item is the wide variety of recipes and foods that line its pages such as Fish, Poultry, Red meat, Eggs, Fruits, Vegetables, and more. Again I go back to "the change is hard thing" I spoke about earlier. If you make things simple and provide an array of choices with which to follow people will stay for the ride and allow the change to gradually take hold in their lives. Have you ever seen anything that is instant be good long term? Me neither. For the record I like a variety in any cookbook as it allows me to impress my lady friend when I get to cook for her.

    There are over 350 recipes in the book, with categories ranging from Pork, Poultry, Snacks, Salads, Stir Fries, Eggs & Omelets, Stews & Curries, Sides, Shellfish & Seafood, whew that's a mouthful! Most of the recipes seem to be fairly quick to make which is important if you are a person on the go or a busy parent who has 20 minutes to make dinner before the kids start going berserk. I do like that it is It is a PDF series of eBooks which means you can take them anywhere you go. Just crack it open on your IPhone and you're ready to cook. Yes I said "eBooks" plural as in a set consisting of a "main guide" that houses the recipes divided into categories, list of ingredients, guidelines, photos of the finished product, and preparation info. The "meal plan guide" which is more about structure and processes which is the most valuable part in my book. The herbs and spice guide talks about the useful herbs and spices, their nutritional benefits and ways these gems increase the flavors of your meals.

    Overall this book seems to be well thought out and provides what I believe to be a relevant and meaningful piece to the weight loss puzzle. You're welcome mom. In all seriousness I think this would be a great addition to anyone who loves to cook, stay fit, or is trying to live a healthier life. The price at $47 isn't bad either considering what some of the other evil diet companies on the market want you to pay for their product. Trust me I have seen my mom spend a lot of money for nothing. I have seen it cheaper out there online and yes I will provide some resources at the end to buy it cheap and of course research it more if need be. K guys I'm off to bed, I hope I did you service by writing this review and I will be posting more reviews asap in the coming weeks.

    Purchase the "Paleo Recipe Book" at a discount here

    The Paleo Diet Explained

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