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Hulu Ads: Lessons in being a LADY

Hulu served me up some real winners this evening. Targeted advertising has it's advantages, one of them being able to truly know what marketing experts think of a demographic.

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The Ad: HP Split X2

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The Ad: Samsung Refrigerator

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What I Learned: Men don't understand refrigerators! That's a LADY'S wheelhouse.

You're a "ROCKET SURGEON"? Well are you smart enough to use an awesome FRIDGE? No? Can't even find the sparkling water? You idiot rocket surgeon. I'll bet they all madeout.

The Ad: Müller Yogurt

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The Ad: Swiffer Dusters

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The Ad: Oh! Nuva Ring

Almost Learned: big IS the Ring?

Ok, props for these ads for trying to explain the more graphic issues of the vagina but they're so LOOOOOOOONG. And awkward. And I've opted out 5 times but they keep sneaking in.

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