Hulu Ads: Lessons in being a LADY

Hulu served me up some real winners this evening. Targeted advertising has it’s advantages, one of them being able to truly know what marketing experts think of a demographic.

1. The Ad: HP Split X2

2. What I Learned: Technology can also be for LADIES

Ohmigod, finally a multi-tasking tablet that pins and…pins!

3. The Ad: Samsung Refrigerator

4. What I Learned: Men don’t understand refrigerators! That’s a LADY’S wheelhouse.

You’re a “ROCKET SURGEON”? Well are you smart enough to use an awesome FRIDGE? No? Can’t even find the sparkling water? You idiot rocket surgeon. I’ll bet they all madeout.

5. The Ad: Müller Yogurt

6. What I learned: Sexy LADIES eat yogurt…sexily.

I tried flirting with my yogurt but it wasn’t as fun as she makes it look.

7. The Ad: Swiffer Dusters

8. What I Learned: A LADY can wait on her adorable husband well into her infirmary.

Dreams really DO come true!!

9. The Ad: Oh! Nuva Ring

Video available at:

10. Almost Learned: big IS the Ring?

Ok, props for these ads for trying to explain the more graphic issues of the vagina but they’re so LOOOOOOOONG. And awkward. And I’ve opted out 5 times but they keep sneaking in.

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