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    20 Toys That Will Take 90s And 00s Indian Kids Back To The Good Old Days

    So much nostalgia!

    1. This dog house, which was our first ever encounter with a piggy bank.

    A pink piggy bank in the shape of a dog house with a toy dalmatian for collecting the coins

    2. These Beyblades, that became our most prestigious collectables.

    Get, set, Beyblade match!

    3. And this water ring game that kept us all busy for LONG hours.

    Someone please take me back :(

    4. Our rightful, colourful thrones.

    A green coloured inflatable chair for kids

    5. These Pokemon cards that made us all feel like Ash Ketchum.

    "Pokemon Go" does not even come close to this!

    6. And these scales that we were once OBSESSED with.

    One in each compass box please :)

    7. These supreme game controllers that we'd choose over mobile phones ANY.GODDAMN.DAY!

    A blue colour hand held gaming console from the 90s

    8. And these splendid Play-Doh sets that continue to remain classic.

    A box of play-doh sets with 6 differently coloured dough containers

    9. These sets of WWE Trump cards from which we probably only recognised The Great Khali.

    A set of wwe trump cards with pictures of various wrestlers

    10. And these scooters with three wheels that gave us all the right feels.

    A red coloured three wheel scooter for kids

    11. Also, our first mobile phones — a.k.a our pride!

    Musical red and green toy mobile phones with spiderman and ben 10 wrapped up in transparent plastic packaging

    12. These cards that gave us a reason to munch on countless packets of Cheetos.

    Gotta catch em' all!

    13. This magic slate that never lasted for more than a month.

    A magic slate with a yellow coloured frame and neon pink writing space with a tiny pen on the right and beads on the top

    14. All hail our first Lego sets.

    Yes! I am the proud architect.

    15. All kinds of slinky toys we'd spend more time untangling than playing with.

    Why oh why?

    16. These colour changing Hot Wheels cars everyone wanted for their birthdays.

    A set of hot wheels colour changing cars

    17. This showstopper Barbie which basically defined hair goals.

    A barbie doll from the totally hair barbie range

    18. And our own version of Sanju's pencil that carried a ray of magical hope with each stroke.

    A blue coloured magic pencil that was a famous prop in the show shaka laka boom boom

    19. Weirdly shaped magnets that we were madly attracted to.

    A pack of egg magnets called rattlesnake

    20. And finally, these Rubik's cubes that we probably never solved.

    Try, try, until you succeed :)