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Sushant Singh Rajput Interacted With His Twitter Followers And Everyone Loved His Responses

There are very few actors on Twitter who respond to their followers. Sushant Singh Rajput did an interactive session on Twitter and here are few of his tweets.

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When someone asked what is the funniest thing that has happened to him recently

I became a movie star.

When he told how important is failure in life

Anything worth pursuing is worth failing at and fail we do as we pursue. Love is the cause and it survives. Good lu…

When he got his inner poet out

मुद्दत हुई है बिछड़े हुए अपने-आप से देखा जो आज तुम को तो हम याद आ गए

When asked about his dream project

My future.❤️

When he told how acting helps him

Yes all the time and then I need a happy distraction that I absolutely love,hence I act.❤️

He is a dreamer

Dream and then live it. I like déjà vu ❤️

When someone asked him about the last time he felt alive

As I'm writing this 🍻

His idea of a date

Unplanned is more organic . ❤️

When asked about Oscars

I will take it. ❤️

His favorite morning quote

"If you truly believe you can get up."

When he defined acting

Pretending to the level of belief.

And he ended the interaction with this amazing pic

Thanks for your time guys and sorry for wasting it, let's catch up soon. Much much love . Fly❤️❤️

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