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Which Barnard/Columbia Dining Hall Are You?

So many options, so much food, so few swipes

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  1. What kind of ~vibe~ do you want the dining hall to have?

    Old School Ivy League
    Clean and Modern
    Friendly and Communal
    Fun and Casual
  2. Do you want to sit down in the dining hall and eat your food?

    Yes, and I eat with all my friends so we need a big table
    Yes, but it’s just me and I don’t want to feel weird eating by myself
    No, I need food I can take with me
    Yes, because I can’t fit a burger into a coffee cup
    No, I don’t have to be IN the dining hall, but I want to be nearby in case I want more food
  3. What food are you in the mood for?

    Junk Food
    Smoothies or White Pizza
    I don't know, I need a lot of options
    Something simple and reliable
  4. How do you feel about big crowds/busy dining halls?

    They don't bother me that much
    I can handle it if the crowds are organized and lines aren't too long
    I’d rather just grab pre-prepared food than wait in line for a custom salad/panini/pizza/omelette/etc.
    They’re fine and I’m okay with a reduction of personal space while waiting in line
    I’m not a huge fan of crowds/lines, but if I’m able to leave after I get my food and get away from the crowd then I’m good
  5. Do you have any special diets/food restrictions?

    Yes, Halal
    Yes, Kosher
    Yes, Vegan/Vegetarian
    No, but I’d like to have some healthier options like salad and fruit
    No, and I'm not in the mood for vegetables
  6. Which Scooby-Doo character are you?


Which Barnard/Columbia Dining Hall Are You?

You got: Hewitt Dining Hall

The main dining hall on Barnard's campus, Hewitt is a staple. You'll get to know Hewitt VERY well during NSOP, so get ready! Open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, Hewitt also features a full kosher kitchen and little blondies that are the most addicting desserts ever.

Hewitt Dining Hall
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You got: Diana Center Cafe

Located on the second floor of the Diana Center at Barnard, Diana Center Cafe is known for its smoothies and white pizza. You can use a meal swipe for breakfast and dinner at Diana and points for lunch. Diana Center Cafe is also open for late night for when you just need some curly fries at 10:00 PM.

Diana Center Cafe
Barnard College
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You got: John Jay Dining Hall

Do you enjoy dark wood panelling and low lighting? John Jay is for you! Known for its vegetarian sushi station and endless options, John Jay is a great option for you and your friends all want to eat together but all want different things. Beware, though! John Jay can get seriously crowded during peak hours.

John Jay Dining Hall
Columbia Dining
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You got: Ferris Booth Commons

Do you know that commercial where Oprah's like "I love bread"? If Oprah ate a CU dining hall, it'd be Ferris. Known for its pasta station and dessert bar, Ferris is where you go when you need some carbs. You can also get fruits and a salad, I guess, if you're into that. Ferris uses all disposable cups, plates, and utensils, which makes it great for taking someplace else, but not so much for the planet.

Ferris Booth Commons
Annette Julie
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You got: JJ's Place

JJ's Place is like that cool aunt who lets you do whatever you want. Full of junk food and a minuscule salad bar, JJ's is there for your 2 AM cravings. You can't take anything out of JJ's place except coffee cups, so CU students have been known to stuff anything and everything into those cups, having a coffee cup full of JJ's gummy bears isn't an uncommon sight.

JJ's Place
Columbia Dining
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