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    15 Reasons Seth Cohen Gave Me Unrealistic Expectations About Men

    I've accepted the fact that no boy I meet in college is going to share all of the qualities that the O.C. character has going for him.

    1. His sarcastic sense of humor.

    2. He's a romantic.

    3. He's accepting of all religions.

    4. He's full of film references.

    5. He's not afraid to say what he wants.

    6. He has great taste in music.

    7. He's optimistic.

    8. He pulls off the "just woke up" look.

    9. He's passionate — not obsessed — about many things.

    10. His self-confidence.

    11. He won't judge you for holding onto childhood items.

    12. You don't have to worry about being a bad dancer.

    13. He would always be honest with you.

    14. He cares for the people in his life.

    15. Just look at him.