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    7 Country Songs To Help You Perfect Your Spanglish

    Because country music could use a little más picante.

    ¡Hola hola! If you like country music, chances are you've probably picked up a few words in Español. Country music and Latino culture go together like chips and salsa. There are many reasons why a country artist would choose to sing a song with Spanish and English lyrics. For some artists, speaking Spanish is an important part of who they are. Some artists use Spanish to make a political argument while others sing in Spanish because it brings in the dinero. No matter what the reason, Spanish certainly adds a little sabor to country music. ¡Vamonos!

    1. “Deportee (Plane Wreck at Los Gatos)” (1948) by Woody Guthrie

    2. “Jealous Heart” (1972) by Johnny Rodriguez

    3. “Before the Next Teardrop Falls” (1974) by Freddy Fender

    4. “(Hey Baby) Que Paso” (1990) by Texas Tornados

    5. “Just Enough Rope” (1994) by Rick Trevino

    6. “Toes” (2009) by Zac Brown Band

    7. “El Rey” (2009) by George Strait

    Finalmente, we are finished! Can you speak Spanglish yet? If not, don't worry, but hopefully these seven songs showed you how much Spanish can add to country music. We also learned that Latinos are human beings so call them by their name, don't force them to speak Spanish, and at least try to appreciate their culture. Now that you have the basics down, go out and share your Spanglish with the world!