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Beautiful Calligraphy For A Touch Of Class In Your Elegant Wedding

Loopy fonts, fancy letters and delicate details when all this and much more are put together in the right proportions, we see beautiful calligraphy and there is something so magical about this art that your hearts definitely skips a beat. If you are also fascinated with this beautiful art and wanna incorporate it in your wedding, we will give you enough ideas to make this happen. Check out of top, elaborate and unique calligraphy ideas that will make your nuptials more stunning.

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2. Calligraphed seating chart

Add a charming touch to your seating chart by asking your calligraphy artist to carve his beautiful letters on it. Perfect for all kind of wedding celebration, Calligraphed seating chart will add a oomph factor in your elegant wedding.

3. Wedding vows

Traditional vows can be turned into special keepsakes if your calligrapher embellishes and write them on beautiful monogrammed paper. You could cherish these heartfelt sentiments of your wedding vows forever and ever with this art.

4. Calligraphy wedding invitations

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Address to impress with an elegant calligraphed wedding invitations in style! You can also add calligraphy wedding invitations and other invite suite to make sure that you leave a stunning first impression on your loved ones.

6. Calligraphed escort cards

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Escort cards could be made memorable with the help of little calligraphy here and little bit there. Tie small calligraphed escort cards with ribbon to the entrance of your wedding or any other place where they are easily visible.

7. Wedding favour

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Your wedding guests should be impressed with your choice. No we are not talking only about your spouse but, with your choice of calligraphed tags for the wedding favours. No matter what you choose for your wedding favour, monograms and calligraphy together will take your celebration to next level.

9. Signboards

Tell the way in style by having signboards and map calligraphed. There are calligraphers who are skilled in maps and it is really good to hire them as they create masterpieces. Get a digital handout so that you can have multiple prints.

11. Calligraphed love story display

Let everyone know your love story by having calligraphed love story display in your wedding venue. Writing your love story on reception table could be a master stroke.

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