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    Make a Bold Fashion Statement in 2020 with High Fashion Women's Suspenders Available In Solid Colors, Patterns and More from the Bujii Collection

    Gracing the pages of Buzzfeed, Vents Magazine and TV segments like Celebrity Page, BUJII is one must-have accessory despite time of day or occasion. From a beautiful red carpet look to a casual day wear outfit, BUJII is bringing the Couture look of women’s suspenders for 2020.

    Designer, Lisa Larian, is a full time mother of 5 and a committed wife to a real estate Mogul. Her dream of designing was put on hold until one night Lisa looked up suspenders to buy and nothing was available for women that had style.She took that moment and decided to make one for herself. Something that looks more stylish then the mens look. And Third party / Via Third party

    Upon receiving so many compliments on her design she got inspired to start a line of suspenders for women and men. In 2013 she came out with her first design where she wore it out herself and since then has grown to a whole line of suspenders. After seven years of perfecting the women suspender,she is ready to launch. 2020 is the year of the WOMAN for the WOMAN and by the WOMAN.

    She is bringing sexy back in a whole new way And Third party / Via Third party

    The inspiration of putting Lisa’s talent out to the world came from her inspiration to “Suspend Hunger”. For every suspender she sells from that line, BUJII will be giving most of the portions to help feed hungry children worldwide.

    BUJII suspenders can be playful in the daytime and sultry at night. Its based on your personality that day. Who are you today? Are you feeling the “Kylie” Suspender or maybe you are more of a “Malibu” line. What ever your mood is we have the suspender for you. One size fits most so have fun with them.

    Currently BUJII is only sold on BUJII collection

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