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20 Photos That Prove That Harry Styles' Haircut Changed The World

After the 1d hiatus, the One Direction heartthrob cut his signature long locks. In the past year, while filming "Dunkirk," Harry Styles has been pretty lowkey other than the news that he is going to be coming out with his new music soon. But he has still been around, slaying with some iconic looks, memorable photoshoots and fantastic hair. Here are 20 of those times

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1. How fantastic he looks here

2. He may not look happy here, but he is rocking it

3. The entire Another Man Photoshoot

4. Honestly

5. How

6. Was this

7. Real?

8. With Fans

9. All the stills from Behind the Scenes of Dunkirk


11. Here's three more. You are welcome.

12. At Appearances

13. At His Birthday Party

14. Just take in this beauty wow

15. Congrats Harry. This decision was life-changing, for all of us.

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