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Things You Need To Stop Doing To Develop Your Personality

I know Nothing happens overnight but you need to start somewhere.

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1. Stop Doubting Yourself About Your Dreams.


Undermining your abilities will only work as your an unnecessary opponent.There is a very thin line between overconfidence and confidence but doubting yourself is on the other page of the story where you should not be.

2. Stop Living In Your Past.


Past burdens everyone.It feels like an impossible task to forget your scary childhood or the bullying in school. Either your previous relationship was a total disaster or the one where love was pouring from every direction but still, you both ended.Memories can bring you down real quick, it is for you to struggle and come out of it rather letting the past in and going numb.And trust me, You can do it.

3. Stop Entertaining Toxic People In Your Life.


The friend that never shuts their mouth.Or the one who keeps on pushing your priorities to the shelf, the one whom you care for a lot but keeps you as a backup friend.Cut them off.Don't stop on the kind that I list but listen to your gut.Even if you are most comfortable with them, some of them ARE using you and deep inside you keep on having the feeling to let them go, but you just can't.Gather up courage and just shut them off.They only bring your morale, efficiency, and happiness down.

4. Stop being dependant on others.(Except your dog)


I know that you have already guessed that I am an animal lover.But no matter how popular and fancy this saying is but it is true too.Dogs can destroy your shoe but never your heart.Stop being dependent on people in a way that you can't even imagine your existence without them.Maybe you have not given it a thought till now but do now.There is no need to exaggerate and tell everyone that u no more depend on them rather just lowkey accept this fact.Its not about being weak or anything but once you start being anxious, then you will realize that you are vulnerable and that thought will not work in your favor.

5. Stop ignoring yourself and your happiness.


Its heck of a job to love yourself, I know it is not at all easy because then you go into self-analysis and eventually end up being hopeless because it is not at all easy to find your own core.But as I said earlier, you need to start somewhere.Don't like hanging out with friends?Don't.Love spending time with books?Go for it!Want to spend time sleeping rather than partying, again learn to say NO, because your life is all about you, why spend it according to others.

6. Stop Judging People.


Judging others just wastes your time and energy.And don't forget that everything you do builds your personality.A personality of judging people is not a nice start.People have gone through things that's why they end up the way they do.It's not your job to kill the morale that they have built in the past years.And as you see it is a totally true saying, What goes out comes back in.So its better to put things in the universe that won't hurt you too.

7. Stop letting your emotions go havoc.


Yes, That is it.You are going to be fine.No, I am not ignoring your struggle I am just saying that it will be fine in the end, I promise.So control your emotions, cry your heart out, but just remember your focus.Remeber that in the end,if you work hard and smart.You WILL get your dream job ,You will go for that vacation with family,You will own a husky and you WILL be happy!!

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