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    • paddyk

      Really cool, but why is America so special in #16?Iknow it was probably made by an American, but even so, what about other countries? Take Australia, for example, where the main sport by quiteadistance in Victoria is Aussie Rules, NSW is mostly Rugby League, Queensland is Rugby Union/Cricket etc. Or what about Ireland, where there are two sports of equal popularity across the country (Gaelic Football and Hurling) and, much like the American states, there are massive variations from county to county.
      At least break down the UK into it’s individual countries-Soccer in England and Scotland, Rugby Union in Wales, Gaelic Football in Northern Ireland. Also, China,acountry withapopulation4or5times that of the USA, gets lumped together with one sport-table tennis. What about the regions where badminton, soccer, basketball are the most popular sport (BTW, soccer is the most popular spectator sport in China, according to Wikipedia)

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