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    Angry "Fans" Made Pete Wentz Delete His Tweets About Racism And George Floyd

    The Fall Out Boy rocker has been accused of not doing enough while also discussing the situation as a "white man."

    In the wake of what's currently happening in the United States (and worldwide), many celebrities are taking to their platforms to discuss racism, inequality, injustice, and the Black Lives Matter movement.

    A couple examples include Pink and Billie Eilish, Seth Rogen, and John Boyega.

    Among those celebrities is Pete Wentz. You probably know him as the bassist and main lyricist of Fall Out Boy.

    John Salangsang, Associated Press / Via

    For those who don't know, Wentz is biracial. His father Peter is white, while his mother Dale is half-Jamaican.

    Sarah Preston, Chicago Mag / Via

    As a child, Wentz's non-white status was a little more obvious.

    However, as an adult, Wentz often passes as white. And, as a result, has experienced backlash for embracing his heritage in the past.

    Pete Wentz / Via

    In 2016, the bassist briefly rocked braids before being called out for cultural appropriation.

    Earlier this week, Pete took to Instagram to share some important messages about racism in light of George Floyd's murder and the resulting protests in the United States and worldwide.

    Then later on Monday night, Wentz took instead to his Twitter account to share a more personal, emotional response.

    He began with recognizing that there are "so many takes" and "so much information" that it can be hard to "take [everything] in."

    Pete Wentz / Via Twitter: @petewentz

    Followed by acknowledging people's "different understandings of individual racism vs. systemic and institutionalized racism."

    Pete Wentz / Via Twitter: @petewentz

    He implored his followers to watch the video, for which his "fucking heart breaks."

    Pete Wentz / Via Twitter: @petewentz

    Before ending with a statement on empathy, clarity, and humanity as the "only ways forward."

    Pete Wentz / Via Twitter: @petewentz

    Wentz followed up with an apology for it being "a bit jumbled" because it came "from [his] heart."

    Pete Wentz / Via Twitter: @petewentz

    He then added a link for his followers with ways to support the Black Lives Matter movement.

    Pete Wentz / Via Twitter: @petewentz

    Shortly after the tweets were made, all besides the final link had been deleted when fans began to attack Wentz for speaking about this and not doing more as a "white man."

    I was unable to capture any screenshots of the backlash before the tweets were deleted. People also ridiculed him for not threading the tweets together, instead making separate tweets for all besides the apology.

    Upon learning that Wentz is biracial, some people have backpedaled and justified themselves by stating that it "doesn't affect him THAT much" because he "looks pretty white."


    This comment was left on my Tumblr post about the tweets, which is where I discovered that the tweets had been deleted.

    In some respects, Wentz might experience white privilege by passing for white in the same way I sometimes experience cis male privilege when I pass for cisgender. As a celebrity with money and influence, he would experience privilege that working class people of colour do not. But none of that can erase the fact that he is a member of an oppressed racial class, nor does it mean that this does not personally affect him.

    However, this brings to our attention an important point that needs to be made: STOP. TELLING. PEOPLE. OF. COLOUR. HOW. TO. FEEL. AND. RESPOND. TO. RACIAL. INJUSTICE.

    You don't get to tell people of colour how to feel about the injustices - the oppression, the racism - that affect them directly, that affect their friends and family, that affect their pasts, present, and futures.

    What you DO get to do is LISTEN.

    As a white person, it is your responsibility to use your privilege to protect and support those more vulnerable. But it is also your responsibility to listen to those people and not to speak FOR them.

    Many fans were quick to come to Wentz's support after the tweets were deleted.

    @petewentz Iโ€™m sorry that people led you to delete your tweets where you were expressing authentic emotion about the situation. Thank you so much and I hope you and your family are doing okay :( ๐Ÿ’•๐Ÿ’•๐Ÿ’•

    Via Twitter: @z0mbiebees

    @petewentz Feel like you tried to express your feelings and were shouted down so you deleted the tweets. Hope that that wasn't the case. Your view is yours, valid and authentic, I could feel the emotion and anxiety in your posts. Feel like you need a hug so sending you one from Australia

    Via Twitter: @Lee75617423

    @petewentz Just wanted you to know to please not be discouraged to share your thoughts and emotions and use your platform for good. Times are difficult, but your feelings and thoughts are very valid ๐Ÿ’–๐Ÿ’–๐Ÿ’–

    Via Twitter: @goldxplated

    @jackalexrayns @niallsahoyy @petewentz Right, heโ€™s half black, he should have been allowed to grieve about whatโ€™s happening in the world around him without ppl coming for him or making fun of him for not presenting it in a pleasing way. Literally saw someone say he was dramatic cuz he didnโ€™t thread the tweets, hello??

    Via Twitter: @peachskis

    Wentz also responded to criticism by sharing the organizations to which he is personally donating.

    Two organizations I am personally donating to today are: and - Check them out if you get a chance.

    Via Twitter: @petewentz


    If you are able, please make a donation to the Black Lives Matter movement to help support their ongoing efforts.

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