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What Should You Do Around LoNDon/EnglaND?

The most accurate test for your British tourism needs

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  1. Trying new foods
    Practicing magic discretely as an under-aged witch/wizard
    Talking about books and such at a local pub
    Looking at the city in awe
    Exploring famous English estates
  2. It's J.K. Rowling's homeland, duh
    All the other famous, underrated authors
    Dan Stevens/Matthew Crawley
    All of the site seeing!
  3. Experience other well-known cities and take a break from the hustle and bustle of LoNDon
    Literally see everything I can about the fantastic city in one go
    Try all of the foods. Anything from restaurants to markets!
    Ride through Hogwarts on a broom and unleash all my magical powers
    Get away to the English countryside and experience some history
  4. I LITERALLY can't
    What is "Even"?
    Most likely
    I don't need scales when I deal with muggles
  5. Proper Queen's English
    Cockney 1
    Emma Watson's
    Olde English
    Cockney 2
  6. Walking
    Tube to train
    Tube to walk
    Train to taxi
  7. Anywhere with historical architecture
    Another world hidden from the muggles
    Stay local/Staycation
    Food sampling
    A nice town with good atmosphere and unique literary history

What Should You Do Around LoNDon/EnglaND?

You got: Harry Potter Studios

Of course this is why you came to LoNDon in the first place! I mean come on, what better place to get your witch or wizard on than the OG Studio itself!! Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw, or Slytherin, this magical wonderland will make you almost happy-cry!

Harry Potter Studios
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You got: Oxford

A nice getaway from bustling LoNDon and a nostalgic college feel, Oxford is the place to be! Learn about the English's interesting and intense-sounding college system while eating at the pub where C.S. Lewis and J.R.R. Tolkien conversed (Eagle and Child) or the pub where Emma Watson sat (Greene King)!

University of Oxford
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You got: Downton Abbey

I mean I put this in mainly for MerBeth, but sorry Jon, Downtown Abbey was a jab at you, too, jolly good mate. It's Downton. Need I say more? You may not be able to take pics inside, but you sure can have a great photo shoot around the grounds!

Downton Abbey
CN traveler
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You got: Borough Market

You are totally hungry right now and want some good and wholesome food that you will have dreams about later. Everything's here: free samples, great cheese, fresh fruit, and an open air "food court" of sorts with all the vendors! Don't forget your pounds (the cash that is, not any pounds that you may gain from eating food here lol)!

Borough Market
The Londonist
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You got: LoNDon Eye

Classic site to see (pun intended)! The view is great all the way around and the photo ops are almost endless! Once, you get to know the city, it's cool to see where how much you know your way around it even looking at it through the wheel's windows! Note: you can get a money saving deal for the Eye+Madame Tussauds (which happens to be near 221b Baker Street)!

LoNDon Eye
Days Out Guide
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