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    31 People Who Basically Struck Gold At A Yard Sale

    Apparently there is such a thing as a $200 toaster.

    1. This Kitchen Aid mixer that can retail for over $300:

    2. This Nikon DSLR that is worth wayyyy more than the $8 it sold for:

    3. This gorgeous Kermit lamp:


    Twitter: @minkus

    4. These Le Creuset skillets that retail between $100–$200:

    5. And this set of four Le Creuset dishes that were basically given away for free:

    6. This pristine cobalt blue book that's over 140 years old:

    7. This free couch (dog not included):

    8. This Smeg toaster that retails for nearly $200:

    9. This World's Fair ring from the '30s:

    10. This giant handmade wooden walrus head:

    11. This Sun bike that definitely costs way over $500:

    12. This Nintendo 64 and collection of classic games, like Super Smash Bros.:

    13. This Finel mushroom bowl that can usually sell for over $100:

    14. This entire Polaroid camera collection:

    15. This vintage music gear that's definitely a steal:

    16. This Roomba that retailed for over $500 when it was first sold:

    17. This Pyrex haul any collector would die to get for 10 cents:

    18. This bar cart and rocking chair combo that are too beautiful not to take home:

    19. This iMac that just needed a little upgrading before it became as good as any modern day one:

    20. This FREE electric guitar and bass that just need minor repairs:

    21. This '70s typewriter that looks nearly immaculate:

    22. These brand-new Doc Martens that retail for over $100:

    23. This Pokémon Gameboy Color and massive game collection:

    24. This one-of-a-kind candy machine:

    25. This Superman figurine that has some history behind it:

    26. This leather Coach briefcase:

    27. This reproduction of Tiffany stained glass that usually retails for over $80:

    28. This older SpongeBob TV that still works:

    I found this really rare Spongebob TV at a garage sale today and it’s without a doubt the best purchase I’ve made in a while.😬😬😬Only paid $5 for it too!👌🏼👌🏼👌🏼

    Twitter: @SavagePeridot

    29. This melting clock that just looks cool:

    30. This Ninja air fryer/grill that retails for over $200:

    31. And finally, this headshot of Howie Mandel with hair: