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18 Things Straight People Do That Make Zero Sense

Gender reveal parties are bad for the environment.

1. Questioning queer characters and then easily accepting ogre love:

Straight people: "Listen im not homophobic but making Elsa gay will make the kids confused about their sexuality its not normal." Also straight people:

2. Changing song lyrics so as to not look gay:

Straight culture is changing the pronouns when covering a song so it remains heterosexual

3. Having...interesting hobbies:

straight culture is chugging a bud light while listening to i took a pill in ibiza

4. Putting their bodies through it:

5. Thinking this makes for a healthy relationship:

straight culture is joking about hating your partner

6. Wearing sweaters like these:

7. Putting babies in questionable clothing:

Straight people: gays force their sexuality onto their children Straight people:

8. Asking questions that make zero sense:

straight people really don’t know what a bottom is

9. Sliding into DMs sayin' something reckless:

10. Starting massive wildfires because of gender reveal parties:

A father in Arizona pleaded guilty to sparking a massive wildfire, during his gender reveal party last year, that ended up burning more than 45,000 acres. Authorities said the fire caused more than $8 million in damages; the father has been ordered to begin paying it back.

11. Advocating for the wrong person:

straight culture is starting 75% of sentences with "in fairness to..."

12. Pretending to know a celeb:

straight culture is saying “why is this celebrity gay 😭😭😭😭” as if u had a shot w them

13. Redefining fame:

straight culture is using 😂 unironically nd telling ur mate to remember u when theyre famous after their tweet gets 10 likes nd a rt

14. Creating a weird demon baby for fun:

straight culture is morphing pictures of yourself with your man on one of those apps to see what your baby would look like .. ew I think I’m going to be sick

15. Sharing memes like these:

16. Not understanding how queerness "works":

17. Erasing bi folks:

bi people: a straight person whose opinion was not asked for: i just don’t think bi people are real like why can’t you pick a side you’re either gay or straight

18. And finally, ruining strawberry greek yogurt for the rest of us: