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For Those Who Grew Up With A Latina Mom, What's A Piece Of Advice From Her That's Stuck With You?

Shoutout to the moms who keep our feet on the ground.

As the son of a Mexican mom, I know just how honest and straightforward they can be when offering advice. Hell, sometimes we don't even wanna hear it.

My mom and I taking a selfie
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And even if I don't always practice what is preached to me, there's value and a whole lot of love placed behind each snippet of advice.

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For my own example, when life circumstances (of my own doing) kept me from moving away to my dream college after high school and I proceeded to spiral, my mom tried to calm me down by telling me that the universe has a bigger vision for me than I can even imagine in that moment. "This was all for a reason," she said in Spanish, "even if you can't see it now."

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Two years later, I was able to transfer into an even better school. One that I wouldn't have even pictured myself worthy of getting into years prior. She was right, because of course she was.

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So now that I've shared a piece of advice that still sticks with me during tough times, what great advice has your Latina mom given to you?

Perhaps she's taught you to be your own person and to never depend on someone else for something you can achieve all on your own, be that in the game of love or finances.

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Maybe she wasn't able to make time for herself for so many years, so she ensures that you do.

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Perhaps she had a phrase like, "Mejor sola que mal acompañada," which always reminded you that you alone are enough.

Carla in Scrubs

"Better to be alone than in bad company."

Or maybe she always makes sure you never forget your family's roots in order to keep you centered and grounded.

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Even if the advice felt silly at the time but was ultimately helpful, let me know your Latina mom's best piece of advice in the comments below! Or if you'd prefer to remain fully anonymous, fill out this Google form. Some of the responses will be featured in a BuzzFeed Community post!