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What's The Best Air Fryer Dessert You've Ever Had?

Who doesn't need a one-pound cookie in their life?

After this past holiday season, it seems like everyone and their mom is now the proud owner of an air fryer. And by everyone, I mean me.

And while the air fryer makes Brussels sprouts tolerable for me, I really wanna know what sinfully delightful air fryer desserts you've made and can vouch for.


Maybe you saw this one-pound, Nutella-stuffed cookie on TikTok and haven't stopped making it since.


1lb Nutella-stuffed Cookie baked in an #airfryer 🍪🍫✨ #tiktokrecipe #summerdiy #ramsayreacts #mipan

♬ Leave Em Alone - Quality Control & Layton Greene & Lil Baby

Perhaps you watched this tutorial by Simply Home Cooked on how to make tasty air fryer donuts and now your kitchen constantly smells like a bakery.

Simply Home Cooked / Via

Maybe you saw this little air fryer chocolate soufflé made by chef Meredith Laurence and fell in love.

Or perhaps you have a super original recipe of your own that you'd love to share with the world.

Either way, I want to see all the sweets! Let me know your favorite air fryer dessert recipe, and PLEASE INCLUDE A LINK if it's not your own recipe. If it is your own, please add a photo too. Leave us a comment below with your recipes/links/photos and you just might be featured in a future BuzzFeed Community post!