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Tell Us Which Spanish-Language Shows Deserve To Be On Everyone's Radar

I'm still waiting on Season 2 of Los Espookys.

With streaming, there are now hundreds of shows at our fingertips. And while English-language titles are usually the ones to make headlines, shows like Squid Game prove that expanding your worldview really pays off.

Currently, over 559 million people speak Spanish worldwide. Yes, half a billion. So, with an audience this large, there is obviously some grade-A television made in the language that deserves to make headlines of its own.

Soraya gasping in Spanish

Whether you're an English speaker who doesn't mind reading subtitles, or you're a Spanish speaker who just has a favorite show, what is a Spanish-language show we should all be watching?

Perhaps you fell in love with HBO Max's Veneno, which tells the real-life story of Spain's most beloved and fabulous trans icon of the '90s Cristina Ortiz Rodríguez, also known as La Veneno.

Veneno saying, "You're about to see what the spanish bombshell was like"

Or you tell all your friends to watch Netflix's Luis Miguel: La serie, which is an authorized biographical look at the life of Mexican global superstar Luis Miguel.

Luis Miguel being told his dad is in the hospital and is dying

Maybe you tweet every other day about wanting a second season of HBO's Los Espookys like I do. The show follows four horror-loving friends as they build a business on creating horror movie scenarios in real life.

Or you're a massive fan of Netflix's La Casa de las Flores, which is a dark comedy that follows the lives and scandals of the rich de la Mora family in Mexico City.

The mom saying, "My house of flowers matters more than this two-bit cabaret"

Whatever Spanish-language show you wanna rave about, we want to hear all about it! Tell us which show it is, and most importantly, tell us WHY we should be watching that show in the comments below, or in this anonymous Google form. Your answer could be featured in an upcoming BuzzFeed Community post.