If You Told Me That These Very Real Plants Were Fake I'd Believe You

    In a world full of boring plants, these beauties chose to stand out.

    1. This orchid that's havin' a great day:

    2. This night sky petunia that literally looks like it came from outer space:

    3. And this starry sky petunia that's a star all its own:

    4. This black bat flower that doesn't look happy to see us:

    5. This flower that is looking to audition for Stranger Things soon:

    6. This passion flower that is surprisngly complex:

    7. This starfish plant that somehow has a personality despite not having a brain:

    8. This carrot that can't possibly be a carrot, right?

    9. This rhubarb sprout that is most definitely a brain:

    10. This two-toned rose that changed its mind halfway through:

    11. This sunflower with too many heads to count:

    12. This seedpod that quite honestly looks like an alien all its own:

    13. This bee orchid that I want to befriend:

    14. This osteospermum that's come to life and will soon devour the Earth:

    15. This succulent (known as Haworthia cooperi) that looks like otherworldly eggs just ready to hatch:

    16. This rafflesia that definitely inspired a Pokémon or two:

    17. This succulent (called Trachyandra tortilis) that knows a thing or two about creating a wave:

    18. And finally, this zucchini that has no business being this massive: