15 Fruit Photos That'll Slightly Confuse, Yet Intrigue You

    Petition to make all grapes look like mini pumpkins.

    1. This lemon thinks it's a carrot 'cause why shouldn't it?

    2. This cucumber is apparently really into bananas:

    3. This pumpkin thinks it's an apple dressed as a watermelon:

    4. This grape loves Halloween a little too much:

    5. This apple might just be a pear in disguise:

    6. And this pear likes to pretend it's an apple:

    7. This tomato is giving us all sorts of watermelon energy:

    8. This orange is having a great time being a lemon:

    9. This eggplant took on a dark tomato's identity:

    10. This strawberry has got boots on the brain:

    11. This lemon really wishes it was an apple:

    12. The inside of this lime has taken on the life of a cucumber:

    13. This banana totally took a bird's identity:

    14. This dried mango hopes to go back on a tree someday:

    15. And finally, this mango is ALL booty:

    H/T r/mildlyinteresting