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We Need To Talk About Selena

“With a positive attitude, you can be anything you want to be.”

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Every hundred years or so, you're graced with the presence of a legend...

...and that legend is Selena.

Puro Tejano TV

She represented everything that is right with the world.


She was warm.

Tiempo Tejano

She was kind.

EMI Muisc / Via

And she knew how to have a good, hearty laugh.


Through thick and thin, she overcame the odds to follow her dream.


And she gave her fans the inspiration to follow theirs.


Not only was she a beautiful singer.

Q Productions

She was also your friend.

Q Productions

And her positivity continues to guide you to this day.


Even in the murkiest of waters...

SelenaLegend / Via

...or in the darkest corners of the Earth...

celebarchive 1985 / Via

...Selena will always be there to help spark a bright, vibrant flame.

Selena Quintanilla / Via

There will never be anyone like her.


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