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19 Guaranteed Ways To Piss Off Your Mom

Catch an attitude, I dare you.

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1. Make a "mess."

2. Say the word "what" at any given moment.

3. Walk around barefoot.

4. Be on your cell phone for more than a minute.

5. Or put your phone down and forget about it (you'll never win).

6. Sag your pants.

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7. Cry about something that doesn't involve her.

8. Starve at a friend's house.

9. Get a tattoo, no matter how small it is.

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10. Fall off a roof or injure yourself in any way.

11. Threaten to move out.

12. Clean the house.

13. Lay around on the couch.

14. Block a hit.

15. Give any sort of attitude, or what could be perceived as attitude.

16. Forget to put a jacket on, even if it is 100 degrees out.

17. Die.

18. Or give her a heart attack.

19. And finally, forget to show her how much you truly love her.

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