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18 Powerful Signs From The #WomensMarch That’ll Speak To Latinos

"¿Me estás oyendo inútil?"

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From Los Angeles to New York, Latinos nationwide took to the streets to make their voices be heard. Here’s what they had to say:



Christina Mendez / BuzzFeed

"Chingona. Chingonas are the most badass girls in the world. Don't mess with them or they will kick you in the nalgas. Viva la mujer...fight like a girl! #NotMyPresident."



Carina Blldrs / BuzzFeed

"Mujer Latina Feminista Inmigrante como tu madre y tu mujer." / "Woman Latina Feminist Immigrant like your mother and your S.O."

"Mi madre y mi abuela son inmigrantes." / "My mother and my grandma are immigrants."