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    Posted on Jan 2, 2018

    18 Photos That Prove Commas Matter, A Lot

    The underdog of punctuation.

    1. This strange hospital visit:

    2. This toilet made for a VERY specific type of person:

    3. This breakup waiting to happen:

    gazda24 / Via

    4. This concerning Rachael Ray cover story:

    5. This convo that went from 0 to 100, and then stayed there.

    iNeedNewSneakers / Via

    6. This accidental sext:

    7. This person who seems to be oversharing:

    ecarl2on / Via

    8. This cannibalistic child:

    dsandoval06 / Via

    9. This smoke-free zone:

    prowritellc / Via

    10. This sandwich that tried, but didn't try hard enough:

    huoxingren / Via

    11. This baby maker:

    12. This turn of events:

    13. This philosophical urinal:

    thomasohhh / Via

    14. This car that's sending mixed messages:

    billyspaceman / Via

    15. This courtesy to human hunters:

    lovenmyselfsarai / Via

    16. This Walgreens with some nICE buns:

    triathlonner / Via

    17. This edible grandpa:

    crazynello01 / Via

    18. And finally, this person who had all the right intentions:

    theravenclawmemequeen / Via

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