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    People Are Sharing Times They Saw Treasure Where Others Saw Trash, And Wow

    It's never just trash if you've got a creative eye.

    1. This person transformed an unused crib into an outdoor bench and side table:

    2. This person fused two pants together and may have just created a whole new trend:

    3. This person transformed a portable TV into a cool gaming setup:

    4. While this person turned an old TV into a cat bed:

    5. This person made a gorgeous rug out of old shirts:

    6. This person created a badass new lamp with their old iMac:

    7. This person gave speakers a new purpose in life:

    8. This person used discarded plastic scraps to make adorable baskets:

    9. This person converted a vintage salon hair dryer into something unique:

    10. This person used old maps as wrapping paper:

    11. This person took a big, oversized button-up and created a whole new outfit:

    12. This person simply placed books inside old crates and created a useful piece of furniture:

    13. This person didn't let their rotisserie chicken container hit a landfill by using it as a tiny greenhouse instead:

    14. This person created a whole work of art from an old bike frame:

    15. This person transformed a typical dresser into a cool Lego-themed one for their son:

    16. While this person turned a child's dresser into a 21 and older bar cart:

    17. This person created a 3D work of art using a neglected piano:

    18. This person's girlfriend had the smart idea to make a new whisk out of two parts:

    19. This person transformed camp coolers into cat shelters:

    20. This person took a pair of pants and made a fashionable new top:

    21. And finally, this person made their son's boring dresser look like a stack of luggage instead:

    H/T: r/Frugal, r/DIY, and r/upcycling