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19 People Who Didn't Have Luck On Their Side

Luck? Never heard of her.

1. This person who had the best seat in the house:

2. This person who was close, but not close enough:

3. This person who got their mouth washed out:

Every year our aunt in Maine sends us little handmade chocolate lobsters. This year they are soap. Guess how I found out? 🦞 🧼 👄

4. This person who took a piece of poo on a ride:

5. This person who took a chance on love:

I was on tinder and accidentally swiped left on a guy I had a HUGE crush on and I obviously wanted to match him, so I literally BOUGHT tinder premium for $9.99 JUST to go back and swipe right on him ....we didn’t match

6. This person who was showering when the fire alarm went off:

7. This person who forgot to "lock in" their original price:

8. This person who was personally victimized by a parking officer:

9. These people who were a part of history:

10. This person who got cut down with two simple sentences:

11. This person who defined irony:

12. This person who never came back for their car:

If the person who drove their car onto a rock leaving #edc this morning wants their car they can come talk to NHP Troopers to get it back!!!

13. This person who didn't have a spare key:

14. This person who had an awful professor:

30 minutes before my group presentation this morning, dude in our group gets stuck in a ditch and instead of changing the date of our presentation the prof made my man present 15 minutes of material on FaceTime while he sat in a ditch lmaoooo is this semester mf over yet

15. This person who had to endure a seven hour flight with a broken headphone jack:

16. This person who just tried to steam some salmon in their microwave:

17. This person who is now $20 poorer:

18. This baby who took an unexpected swim in the holy water:

19. This person who created a piece of art:

H/T: r/wellthatsucks