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    21 Tweets You'll Only Understand If You Have A Mexican Dad

    Those who hold the piñata, hold the power.

    1. When he displayed his dominance:

    2. When he had unique ways of having fun:

    3. When he knew how to throw some shade:

    4. When he brought out his creative side:

    5. When he doubled as a doctor:

    6. When he carried his entire life in his back pocket:

    7. When he would never admit to loving novelas:

    8. When you are all too familiar with this look...

    9. ...and then delegated all issues to your mom:

    10. When no meal was complete without some chile de arbol:

    11. When his huarache game was always on point:

    12. When he thirsted for the chisme:

    13. When bringing a guy home was always a bit too dramatic:

    14. When Chente melted his heart:

    15. When he would slap the belt together as a warning:

    16. When he put you to work...

    17. well as everyone else in his vicinity:

    18. When he refused to be wrong, about anything:

    19. When he was never wasteful:

    20. When he had his own way of saying things:

    21. And finally, when you've never forgotten just how much he means to you: