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    Posted on Dec 29, 2015

    19 Tweets That Tall People Just Can't Understand

    "Just drink milk, it'll help."

    1. When sun visors can't even do their own damn job:

    2. When you pay $100 to see the back of someone's head:

    3. When the top half of your face makes more appearances than the bottom half.

    4. And sometimes your forehead doesn't even make the cut:

    5. When you have to risk your life for some chips at the grocery store...

    6. ...and in the comfort of your own home:

    7. When taller "friends" feel the need to chime in:

    8. When you realize your perspective on life is quite different:

    9. When your pants will never forgive you for not rolling them up:

    10. When it seems only tall people have the privilege of seeing their reflection:

    11. When some guys feel the need to size up:

    12. When you come close to drowning in the shallow end:

    13. When getting that last sock requires a cave dive:

    14. When urinals seem to be installed by freakishly tall plumbers:

    15. When all you seek is some R.E.S.P.E.C.T.

    16. When your ~youthful~ appearance becomes a financial strategy:

    17. When your height becomes reason enough for interrogation:

    18. When others underestimate your full potential:

    19. And finally, when you realize that you've actually got it good:

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